Three Black Sesame Food Recipes

Three Black Sesame Food Recipes

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that black sesame has the effects of nourishing Qi and replenishing essence, nourishing liver and kidney, and moisturizing intestines. It can be used to treat dizziness caused by insufficient liver and kidney essence and blood.Intestinal dryness and constipation.

Modern research confirms that vitamin E contained in black sesame seeds is the highest in plant foods.

Vitamin E can promote cell division, prevent cell aging, prevent anemia, activate brain cells, enhance memory, enhance brain function, and prolong life.

   Effects of black sesame: 1.

The causes of lowering blood pressure and hypertension are many. One of the most important is the high-salt diet. Nutrition experts recommend that each person consume no more than 6 grams of salt per day, but in real life, people cannot do it.

Therefore, it is suddenly very important to recommend a high potassium diet, because one of the main functions of potassium after replacing the human body is to promote the excretion of sodium.

Black sesame is rich in potassium. It contains high potassium per 100 grams of black sesame and much less sodium. The ratio of potassium to sodium is close to 40: 1, which is very important for controlling blood pressure and maintaining heart health.


Wufarun’s discovery research proves that the reduction of melanin secretion by melanocytes in hair follicles is the essence of white hair. Among them, the reduction of tyrosinase is one of the pathological mechanisms. Studies have found that black sesame water extract can reduce the amount of tyrosinase, The amount of melanin synthesis will be increased, so white hair can become dark again.


Nourishing and emollient research suggests that reducing the generation of free radicals, removing aging metabolites and increasing the activity of antioxidant enzymes are effective ways to delay skin aging.

The oxidized natural vitamin E in black sesame is the highest in plant foods.

Vitamin E is a good antioxidant, and proper supplementation of Vitamin E can have an axial moisturizing effect.

  Three Simple Diet Therapies for Your Hair and Beauty1.

Black sesame and spinach butter ingredients: 2 eggs, 150 grams of spinach, 10 grams of corn starch, an appropriate amount of salt, 10 grams of black sesame, and an appropriate amount of oil.

  Method: (1) Wash the spinach with water, drain it, drain the water, and then chop the spinach; (2) Put the corn starch in a small bowl, add an appropriate amount of hydration, break into the eggs, stir the salt and addSpinach and mix well.

  (3) Brush a layer of oil in the bowl, pour the mixed spinach, sprinkle with black sesame seeds, and steam in the pot for 10 minutes.

  Efficacy: Clear the heat and poison in the human stomach and keep the excretion unobstructed.

Treatment of physical weakness, anemia, dry stool and other symptoms.


Ingredients for black sesame paste: 70 grams of black sesame, 35 grams of glutinous rice noodles, white sugar, and appropriate amount of water. (1) Wash the black sesame and drain the water. Pour the wok into the black sesame.Until the scent of black sesame seeds is fried, it can be served for later use.

Then pour the glutinous rice flour into the pan and stir-fry for a while, and serve it for future use; (2) Pour the black sesame powder into a small pot, pour in an appropriate amount of water and mix well.) Heat the pot on the induction cooker, and pour the glutinous rice flour while stirring; (4) Add white sugar after boiling, stir until melted and then serve over the fire.

  Efficacy: blood, milk, hair and other effects, supplementary treatment of hypertension, early white hair, dizziness, tinnitus and other symptoms.


Ingredients for sesame rose cake: 1 sesame, 1 rose, 1 egg, 1 bowl of flour. Method: (1) Wash the sesame and cut the rose petals into silk. (2) Add water to the flour and dilute the batter.Mix the eggs evenly, add sesame seeds, rose petals, and salt; (3) Heat the pan and put the oil on it. After the oil is heated, pour the batter into a thickness of about 0.

5 cm pancakes; (4) When the pancakes are golden brown on both sides, lift the pan, cut the pancakes into small pieces, and load them.

  Efficacy: Regulating Qi and stagnation, promoting blood circulation, dispersing stasis, and beauty.

In addition, it can also relieve the depression in the body, leading to sedative and soothing effects.