What are the benefits of walking every day?

What are the benefits of walking every day?

Walking is a gentle exercise, and its strength is suitable for everyone, but it is necessary to walk for more than half an hour every day to achieve results.

According to scientists’ research, it is gentle and walkable, with magical anti-aging effects.

  Walking every day is good for your physical health!

  1, walking can reduce the slight accumulation of the human abdomen, to maintain the body’s physical beauty.

  2, walking can reduce the formation of blood clots, reducing the possibility of myocardial infarction.

  3, walking can reduce the accumulation of triglycerides and cholesterol on the arterial wall, but also reduce the chance of blood sugar conversion into triglycerides.

  4, walking can reduce the production of hormones, excessive adrenaline production.

Excessive adrenaline can cause arterial vascular disease.

  5, walking can enhance muscle strength, strengthen the legs and muscles, and make the joints flexible, promote blood circulation and metabolism.

  6, regular walking, will eliminate heart contraction symptoms or lower blood pressure.

Relieve the body, relieve the spirit, and relieve the flustered heart.

  7, walking can protect the environment, eliminate exhaust pollution, strengthen the body, improve the body’s immunity, reduce disease, prolong life and have a positive role in promoting.

  8, walking can enhance the secretion function of the digestive gland, promote recovery and regular peristalsis, increase appetite, have a good effect on high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, habitual constipation and other symptoms.

  9, walking is a static and dynamic, static and active fitness, can relieve nervous muscle tension.

According to experts, when irritability and worrying emotions flock to the heart, walking for 15 minutes at a brisk pace can ease tension and stabilize emotions.

  10, walking in the fresh air outdoors, brain thinking activities become clear and flexible, can effectively eliminate mental fatigue, improve learning and work efficiency.

According to relevant experts’ tests, three times a week, one hour each time, for four consecutive months, and those who do not like sports, the former is keen, and both visual and memory are dominant.

  You can get twice the result with half the effort, not too relaxed.

The correct walking posture should be to raise the head and chest, the eyes should be flat, the torso is naturally straightened; the abdomen, the center of gravity of the body moves forward slightly; the upper limbs and the lower limbs coordinate, the pace is moderate, and the feet are grounded with rhythm.

  2, speed: two steps per second.

The movement is gradual, and people who are just starting to exercise can walk for half an hour and then gradually extend the time.

When going fast, the heart rate should be maintained at 120 per minute?
140 times, it is appropriate to sweat slightly in the body.

Middle-aged and elderly people with better physical condition may not achieve sweating effect by walking fast. At this time, they can assist jogging, running and combining to achieve fitness goals.

  3. Time: After 4 pm.

After 4 pm and evening is the best time for exercise. At this time, the joints are flexible, physical, physical and adaptive, and the heartbeat and blood pressure are also stable.

It is worth reminding that if you choose to walk after dinner, you should do it within half an hour from the meal to two hours before bedtime.

  4. Location: The road is flat and the air is good.

The road side is not suitable for fast walking, the traffic volume is large, the air quality is poor, and the asphalt road surface is too hard. It is pointed to the impact force of the foot offset. Relatively speaking, the soft dirt road and plastic guiding are more suitable, and the construction site is also to be opened.And the road with complex environment.

  5, preparation: wear a pair of good shoes, do a warm-up.

In order to avoid sports injuries, you should first do some warm-up activities to expand the limbs before going fast, to prevent the strain from being too high due to too large stride.

  If you want to exercise by walking, you must rely on persistence!

It is effective to stick to exercise.