Wearing a corset

Wearing a corset

Women and men have different body structures and different sputum distributions.

For women, the retina and the aunt of the chest are immeasurable things for the female curve.

Without long-term lack of exercise, the muscle tissue will gradually decrease, and the excess sputum will pile up on the back, buttocks and hips.

At this time, you need to use a corset to restore the reconstructed curve, preferably with exercise and proper dieting.

But you have to pay attention to certain methods when wearing a corset.

  Carefully pulling from the bottom up to the waist is the point of wearing a pair of pants.

The upper edge of the corset is stretched from the inside to the widest part, and is sleeved from the bottom to the waist.

  Don’t use excessive force on your nails, otherwise it will damage the fabric.

  Determine if the waist position is suitable for compliance.

After wearing it, if it is a short corset, gently align the front of the crotch and pull it down from the hem to make it fit the thigh.

If you are in the middle of the trousers, parallel the left and right hem, transform the service stickers.

  The correct way to wear the bra and corset is to hang the shoulder strap on the shoulders, hold the underside of the cup with both hands, and then lean forward slightly so that it fits completely into the cup and then buckles the back.

Adjust the shoulder straps so that the muscles on the outside of the breast are pushed into the cup.

Pay more attention when wearing a bra with a soft ring.