7 questions to ask yourself before marriage


7 questions to ask yourself before marriage

Marriage experts are trying to tell people that certain factors can lead to divorce.

  ”The longer you date, the more likely your marriage will be.

“Marriage consultant Rice?

Dr. Parrett thought so.

His wife Leslie?

Parrett, a PhD in education and a marriage expert, said that you must be dating for at least two years before you can get married.

Marriage experts also believe that pre-marital cohabitation and post-marital property separation are two important factors that increase the risk of divorce.

However, the Piparettes believe that these risks can be avoided: “Couples who have conducted 7 to 14 marriage counseling before marriage get a significant decrease in divorce rates.

But most couples don’t know this now.

The couple pointed out that the two most common points of divergence in marriage life are “sex” and “money”, and the attitudes and methods of the two parties in resolving these issues also determine whether the marriage is long.

Rice said that no one can foresee the future of a marriage, but the risk of divorce can be reduced. He believes that “common religious beliefs, parents are still married, and enough time to get along before marriage” can make marriage possible.For a long time.
  Studies by marriage experts show that certain factors contribute to a happy marriage, such as: having the right expectations for marriage; having realistic ideas about love; having a positive attitude towards life; having the ability to communicate feelings; having spiritual beliefs; havingThe ability to determine and stop conflicts.

Factors that easily lead to divorce are: too young marriage age; friends and family objection; cohabitation before marriage; parents divorced.


The couples recently launched their monograph “Saving Marriage from Before Marriage”, detailing 7 questions you should ask yourself before marriage.

If you are getting married, ask yourself: ● Do you face marriage with honesty?

  ● Can you determine if your relationship is certain?

  ● Have you formed the habit of happiness?

  ● Can you express your thoughts and words accurately in words and understand exactly what the other person is saying?

  ● Have you tried to eliminate gender barriers?

  ● Do you know how to wage a “war in good faith”?

  ● Are you and your other half a spiritual partner?