[How is the big green mango ripe?]

[How can Daqing mango be cooked?

]_ Judgment is mature _ How to judge

The height of mango in life is very high. This is a very popular fruit. It has always been the darling of people in the market.

Because mangoes are grown in warmer regions, it is difficult to grow them elsewhere. This results in mangoes having to be picked and transported before they are ripe. This is why it takes time for the green mangoes to be placed in the hands of consumers.The reason for natural ripeness, let’s take a look at how the green mango is considered ripe?

Whether the green mango is mature, whether it is green mango, red mango, or yellow mango, as long as the hand is pressed (pinched) evenly (some mangoes, the tip becomes soft, and the pedicle is still hard, indicating uneven maturity).It ‘s cooked.

Green mango ripening method 1, if the general raw mango, only need to be placed naturally, not even the sun, the mango self-maturation is obvious.

2. Put the raw mango in a paper bag, then put two bananas or ripe apples, and then tie the mouth of the paper bag tightly. The raw mango will be ripe the next day, because the ethylene released by the ripe fruits can ripen the raw fruits.

3, put in the rice bucket.

Buried with rice, cover the rice bowl, the mango will be ripe in a few days.

4. Use unripe mango pickling acid. The entire pickling needs to be washed, put in cold boiling water, add an appropriate amount of white vinegar or rice vinegar, salt or sugar to seal, and you can eat it after one week.

You can also wash and cut the mango into pieces, sprinkle with salt or sugar, and marinate for 2 or 3 days before eating. It is very crisp, and you can also add chili powder if you like spicy food.

Put the mango in the box, seal the box, and mature in a few days.

In the meantime, you should always check whether the mangoes in the box are ripe or not. It depends on whether your hands are softened. If you have ripe mangoes, take them out in time. If you do n’t have time to eat them, you can put them in the refrigerator.Stored flights.

Don’t put unripe mangoes in the refrigerator, because mangoes are tropical fruits, and they will be damaged by freezing in the refrigerator and cannot be ripe.