Four facts must be clarified before cohabitation

Four facts must be clarified before cohabitation

Cohabitation is becoming more and more common. There is no official statistics showing how many people in China live together. For those who enjoy it, cohabitation feels like heaven. For those who suffer, it is hell.The only certainty is that cohabitation, which is prevalent globally, is the most vulnerable gender relationship.

  A large survey proved that 65.

73% of the demands for cohabitation were first raised by boys, and more than 20% of the girls were totally at a loss or chose to aggravate their intentions to cater to “he” when they faced with him.

There are advantages and disadvantages to cohabitation before marriage. I wo n’t comment here. This is just to remind unmarried girls who are planning to cohabit. Before you decide to cohabit with a boy, you must first acknowledge the major traps of cohabitation, and then consider whether it is suitable to live with him.Cohabitation is a serious matter.


I don’t know how many people live together to solve sexual problems. I guess that sex is not the first factor for a girl to decide to live together.

But many girls still simply believe that sex is indeed a beneficial weapon that can hold men.

When men first started living together, they might be happy to be able to dispel their souls at any time from now on, but in less than 3 months, the sex life of cohabitation is usually more boring than when they live apart, and then they will be foolish to accept cohabitationidea.

  Is this situation caused by the continuous reduction in intensity?

“It’s boring to do the same thing for a long time.” This is not the whole reason. More reasons come from the various minor problems exposed in the other person’s life.

For example, he eats so loudly that he looks like a pig when he eats soup . unconsciously, you will find that you are already as passionate as you are.


When you first started dating, of course you were right to let him cover all the expenses, but when you decide to live together, the expenses necessary for living together are definitely not what his young guy who has just entered the society can afford.One day, he will open your wallet and ask you to pay for the crystal vase yourself. From then on, the details of your household bill will be listed.

Of course, it is not impossible to solve this problem, and adopt the AA system within the family.

  This seemingly fair method can’t actually solve the problem well, and your evolution will not be small. For example: someone turns on the air conditioner all night in the summer or someone is always on the phone. How long can the AA system be equal?Will crash.

In order to solve this problem thoroughly, the common life must be ugly. It is best to submit some family funds every month according to the proportion of each person’s income and consumption habits. Other expenses are recorded one by one regardless of the size and settled at the end of the month.once.


When you are not living together, he receives a phone call from the opposite sex. You are curious and may be considered cute by him. When you go to his single dormitory, he will not be affected if you look at his small dial.He strongly condemned.

However, after you live together, you monitor his phone and whereabouts, and use mobile phone to locate and inquire him at any time, you may be scolded as a chicken belly.

Over time, both sides will be tortured and collapsed by this suspicion.

  Cohabitation is a very intimate act, but both parties must still respect each other’s exclusive rights.

There is always a corner in one’s heart that he does not want to be open to anyone.

For example, you enjoy performing a full body epilation on yourself, and he likes to continuously look at the innermost tooth with a mirror.


How much housework does a home have?

Cleaning the table, washing clothes, feeding the cats and cleaning the feces, cooking, washing the dishes, washing the toilet, organizing the closet, and taking out the trash . When you live alone, you will feel that organizing the room is a fun-filled timeWay, but when you live with him, you will find that you are completely a monster in his eyes.

  From a young age, my mother told you that the two socks are going to be recovered into a ball and placed on the second grid above, but he thinks that you are doing this completely idiot; once you finish eating, you will brush the bowl, but he dodges and reads the sports news before brushingIn the end, even after the evening news was over, he still didn’t want to wash it.

“Life is meaningless by a woman like you.

“But why doesn’t he think it’s meaningless to pack his underwear when he goes to bed?