Looking forward to further assurances British Prime Minister asks EU for Brexit

Looking forward to further assurances British Prime Minister asks EU for “Brexit”

A spokesman for the Prime Minister ‘s Office said on December 31, 2018 that Prime Minister Theresa May has been in contact with European Union leaders since the Christmas holiday and hopes that the EU will be further assured by the EU’s Brexit agreement in order to win enough votes from domestic lawmakers.Support for Brexit agreement.
  [Asking for assurance]The spokesman said: She will contact the EU during the holidays and will be more frequent this week.
I can’t make a list, but she has been in contact with EU leaders and will continue until (the lower house of parliament) vote.
  Britain is officially set to leave the EU on March 29.
The European Union held a special summit last November to pass the Brexit agreement with Britain.
The lower house of the British Parliament was originally scheduled to vote on the Brexit agreement on December 11, but Teresa May announced the postponement of voting the day before.
  The lower house of the British Parliament is scheduled to resume debate on the Brexit agreement on the 9th, which is expected to continue until the 10th.
Voting will take place in the week starting on the 14th.
  During the Brexit negotiations, the British side could not propose a specific plan to avoid the re-establishment of physical customs and border inspection facilities between the British Northern Ireland region and the EU member state Ireland. Therefore, the European Union proposed a guarantee plan, that is, after the formal Brexit, Northern Ireland temporarilyStay in the European single market and customs union and follow the relevant EU rules until the British side proposes a better plan.
  The guarantee scheme has caused opposition from some members of the opposition Labour Party and the ruling Conservative Party, and has become the biggest obstacle to the passage of parliament’s Brexit agreement.
Many people worry that this plan will keep Britain in the European Customs Union forever, leaving the EU without a name.
  British media reported that Theresa May hopes to obtain further guarantees from the EU on the guarantee scheme, which is unlikely to be really activated.
  [Sorry for support]A spokesman for the British Prime Minister’s Office said that Theresa May has made no progress in her negotiations with EU leaders during the Christmas period, and she hopes to get EU assurances before the House of Commons vote.
When asked if the Prime Minister was confident of the success of the consultation, the spokesman replied: Yes, this is her focus.
  Theresa May delivered a New Year speech on December 31, 2018, urging lawmakers to support her Brexit plan with the EU.
She said: New Year is the time to look forward.
In 2019, the UK will start a new chapter.
The ‘Brexit’ agreement that I negotiated fulfilled the results of the British referendum (2016).
In the coming weeks, lawmakers will make important decisions.
  According to her, if the agreement is passed, Britain will step out of the EU step by step.
Once the agreement is rejected, Britain may face the chaos of a no-deal Brexit or fail to leave the EU.
  A few days ago, the British media reported from sources that Conservative and Labour senior lawmakers are working together to plan to delay the scheduled Brexit date to avoid triggering a no-deal Brexit after the deal is rejected.
If the British government does not propose to postpone Brexit, 杭州夜网论坛 they will put pressure on the government to postpone the date until July at the latest.
(Zhang Jing) (Xinhua News Agency special feature) Original title: Holidays are not idle!
British Prime Minister urges EU on “Brexit”