Wyeth S-26 Gold Toddler

Wyeth S-26 Gold Toddler

Product name: Wyeth S-26 Gold Toddler Fun Specification: 900g Applicable stage: 1-3 years old Infant and toddler Packaging: Tinting Market price: RMB166

00 Shelf life: 24 months Product brand: Wyeth Product introduction:?

S-26 ProgressGold: Upgraded formula, comprehensive nutrition-Wyeth BIO Nutrition Optimization System TM.

Good nutrition helps the eyes, central nervous system and physical development.


Support the development of the “window of learning energy” eyes: lutein, DHA / AA and vitamin A, etc.?

Helps the development of the central nervous system and grasp the core of academic development: alpha whey protein, DHA / AA and vitamin B12, iron and zinc?

Strong and healthy body, building the foundation for academic development: 5 kinds of nucleotides, natural carotene, etc., help to improve the baby’s immunity; more than 20 kinds of vitamins and minerals, comprehensive balanced nutrition