Witch love psychology that makes you more popular than beauties

Witch love psychology that makes you more popular than beauties

Core tip: Beauty is the goddess in the hearts of men. All of them want to pursue, so that other ordinary girls are not upset. The 4 “witch” rules in love psychology make you more popular than beautiful.

  Patience swallows up to be a good girl in the eyes of others.

In this era, “bad girls” who bravely say the truth are more likely to win love.

Such a woman dares to act, is real and chic, and dares to advance for love regardless of desperation-little witch is more popular than beautiful women!

If you want to hold love tightly, you must learn 4 “witch” rules in love psychology!

  Indeed, beauties often win the first impression contest.

But in the love contest, those smart, cute and understanding girls are more dominant.

The innate appearance cannot be easily changed, but try to pay attention to, caring for others can be done by anyone.

Being empathetic doesn’t make you a winner in love, it also benefits you in the workplace.

  ”As long as the beauty handsome guy is definitely popular, you will definitely win yourself.” Have you ever had such a self-denial?

A love psychologist once conducted such a survey: “One is the shape that he likes, but the personality is not good.

One is that although his appearance is not his favorite, his personality is very good.

If you choose a marriage partner from these two girls, which one will you choose?

“90% of men choose a shell.

The reason they think is that the face of deceased people will have a day of aging and disappearing, but the character of the person is very important. With the understanding person, life will be more relaxed and happy.

  Maybe you want to change now. At the beginning, there will be unnaturalness, letting go and other factors blocking you.

But as long as you continue to work hard every day, in the constant sound of gratitude, you will find that you have become a beloved little witch without knowing it.

Such people are invincible almost everywhere.

You can also create a good working environment for yourself under heavy work pressure.

You can benefit a lot while giving to everyone.

  I believe that there are such a group of little witches around you. Don’t always envy them that the relationship is smooth, work smoothly, and see how they do it.

As long as you work hard every day, you will not lose to those beauties, become more popular with everyone, and get your own happiness!

  Witch Love Psychology 1: When you are good at observing the surroundings, do you notice that there are fewer and fewer people around you?

When you are immersed in your story, the visual range will also become narrow, thus ignoring the existence and feelings of people around you.

  Learn to maximize your sight and see if anyone is disturbed around you.

For example, when everyone is having a meal, is there anybody’s glass empty, is there anyone who can’t reach the food in the distance, whether there are sisters who have been sexually harassed by drunks, and whether there are clerks who are annoyed by the arrogance of guests, you should be far awayThere are people who need help, and one of the rules of empathy is to try to focus on those in need.

Give them help.

One of the development conditions of the little witch is to be proportionate to the docile girl, be able to take the initiative to boldly break through unfamiliarity, eliminate embarrassment, and let others know you in an eclectic way, so that you can easily replace the upper hand in love psychology!
  Witch Love Psychology 2: It is estimated that when the other party does what he expects when he is entrusted to do something, if he does more, will he feel a loss.

Do you ask your boss one by one no matter what?

“The Analects of Confucius” once said that Wenyi knew ten.

It is to tell everyone that when they get an instruction, they have to guess ten instructions that the other party still wants you to do.

This is indeed a bit difficult.

But one push three is still possible.

  If you do what he thinks, you can do it well before he asks you, you can get praise, and you can have a happy mood, after all, the “what you want to do” and “you do” mentalities areDifferent.

For example, in a company, you are asked to copy the information. If you are only copying, you are only half done.

At this time, you need to consider whether to use it internally or send it to customers. You can adjust the printing accuracy through this analysis, and then staple it with staples.

Do this, and then you will figure out how to complete the task.To think and observe at any time, you or others need some follow-up supplements after doing a job.

  Witch Love Psychology 3: Make others part by the way. Do you only consider yourself before you do something? You do n’t have to see if anyone around you also has this need.

Get rid of this habit of focusing only on yourself.

Who else hopes for what he hopes for.

For example, if you go to a friend’s house for a party, do you just buy the ice cream you eat, but no one else’s?

If so, it is destined to be considered selfish and there is no one else in the eyes.

By the way, doing something small but getting good reviews is the secret of Little Witch’s popularity.

Make a phone call to the restaurant at noon, refill the drinks at the party in the bar, don’t act alone, ask people around you if they need it, after all, Lele is not as good as Lele.

Seemingly small things, but easily overlooked by most people, if you do it, you will be handy in interpersonal relationships.

  Witch Love Psychology 4: Recognize the feelings of others, if it is casual to find others lost, it is better to pretend to be invisible?

The other person may be angry about something unfair, or is it better not to talk?

There may be many people who don’t know what to do when facing those things.

If you are in an embarrassing situation and the other party doesn’t say anything to you, what can you do at this time?

I was thinking why the other side was upset about why, and I tried to ask the other side with a light tone.

Don’t be too involved, leave room for the other party’s answer, and the other party will not feel oppressed.

If you see the other person’s state of loss when you go online, then leave a light greeting, like “I see your state, okay?

“and many more.

A simple greeting will immediately warm the other person’s heart.

  An understanding person can walk into the heart of a person.

Too much concern for others will certainly lead to tiredness.

At first glance, it is indeed a loss-making business, but in every corner of this society, there are some people who are not good at expressing, but really need others to help and care.

Sometimes a word can illuminate that person’s life, which is actually a matter of quarrel and achievement.

We live under the watch of others every day. When you help people in difficulty, more people will have a good opinion of you, and your interpersonal communication will become more and more smooth. Then you think it is a lossMake money?

In love, how to penetrate his heart is also a big problem.

However, it is natural for an empathetic person to walk into each other’s heart.

The other party will unconsciously pour everything with such a girl.

In fact, it is not difficult to achieve this. Little accumulation every day will bring you a big surprise return!