What should the elderly mental health pay attention to?

What should the elderly mental health pay attention to?

What should be paid attention to in the mental health of the elderly?

What are the key points?

Let’s take a closer look.

  Will do three things – will close the door, will calculate, will give up people for a lifetime?

My answer is “3 days”, ie yesterday, today and tomorrow.

“3 days” is “the most important thing today.”

To make every one good today, the first thing is to close the door, and close the door of yesterday’s back door and replace the front door of tomorrow. People will be relaxed at once.

Basically, it will be calculated. First, we must learn to calculate happiness. Second, we must learn to calculate what we are doing right.

In the end, it will give up. Please bear in mind that you will get it after you have left it.

  Learn three sentences – forget it, it doesn’t matter, it will be over, the wallet is stolen, forget it.

The best way to meet the fait accompli is to accept this fact.

It doesn’t matter, no matter what happens, you must learn to say that it doesn’t matter, be open-minded and optimistic.

In the past, some people’s first popular song is called “Sunshine is always after the storm”, don’t worry, everything will pass.

  Learn three methods – three music method, three no law, age minus ten law three music method, is to help others, contentment, and enjoy themselves.

Third, don’t do it. First, don’t punish yourself with other people’s mistakes. Second, don’t punish others with your own mistakes. Third, don’t punish yourself with your own mistakes.

If you are 78 years old this year, when someone asks you how old you should answer this question, I am 68 years old, don’t underestimate this method, it has significantly made my mind younger.And rejuvenate the vitality of youth.